Friday, 25 January 2013

Contouring Tips By Kim Kardashian

Ok you guys so here's a few tips created by the one and only Kim Kardashian. I found these tips a couple of years ago and I swear by them. The results are AMAZING. As you are aware Contouring plays a HUGE part in make up regimes, it is used to define and shape the face. Its an amazing way to shape your nose, define your cheeks and create highlights and shadowing. ALWAYS use matte products!!!

1. Feel the contour of your face. Apply the contour colour directly underneath your cheekbone, extending from the centre of your ear in a slightly downward motion. You will want to keep the contour application concise. If your brush feels too fluffy or large, pinch the bristles when you apply, this will give you more control.

2. Use a small eye-shadow brush to softly line both sides of the nose. If your nose is long, you may want to apply a little under the tip of  your nose. Again, keep the application concise.

3. Feel your jaw. you will apply your contour colour below your jawbone, making sure not to apply any colour to the actual bone. The point is to create a shadow below your jaw. If your jaw is large, you may bring the contour colour up on either side of the chin. This will make your jaw appear less bold.

4. Blend your contour colour into your hairline. Doing this helps your face appear slimmer. Make sure to blend well into the hairline.

5. Although your colours may be dramatic, there should be no severe lines. Blend edge well.

Thank you guys, I hope you like it, remember to comment, like, and follow to find out more tips...

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